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What makes me tick?

Making products that solve real problems.

Growing up I have always had an affinity for graphic design and web development. I would spend countless hours optimizing my World Of Warcraft interfaces using graphics and code for a competitive advantage, which ultimately landed me as a top 10 “Tank” in the United States. It’s been my pleasure to have wound up working in a field that is closely tied to so many of my passions in life.

I have over 6 years of experience in product design and web development, and have helped 150+ brands grow their digital presence. Building with these 150+ brands has given me a very diverse portfolio, and has helped me learn the creative process for many different markets. In addition to design, I have learned the digital marketing funnel by working both freelance and for agencies. This experience has given me the ability to position brands strategically in a competitive digital environment. Think your brand needs a boost? Reach out to me today.

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01. Discover & Ideate

Deadlines are deadlines, but understanding the product in its entirety should take some time. Adequate time spent in discovery not only provides me with sufficient understanding of the clients needs and goals, but gets everyone on the same page and moving in the correct direction.

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02. Create & Learn

Don’t be timid with design. I find that no idea is a bad idea, and if in the end something doesn’t work, at least you learned from it. Put the cursor to the screen and get to work. I believe that failing fast is the best thing you can do as a designer, as long as you take the time to learn from your efforts.

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03. Test & Repeat

My design technique always stems from solving a problem. As a maker, I know that your work shouldn’t be superfluous. Always make sure that you are testing your designs, and that you’re really solving problems. Once you’ve validated your work, keep that momentum, and repeat the cycle.

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