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What Makes Me Tick?

Results. Seeing my work flourish into success.

Some people overlook the importance of beautiful assets when building a website. My firm belief is that your website will only be as strong as your assets. That means focus on photography, unique design is just as important as good UI / UX. Growing up I have always had an infinity for graphic design, and that foundational experience is what helps me bridge the gap between graphic design and web development; too many developers just don’t understand design.

I have over 5 years of experience in graphic design and web development, and have helped 110+ brands grow their digital presence. Building with these 110+ brands has given me a very diverse portfolio, and has helped me learn the creative process for many different markets. In addition to design, I have learned the digital marketing funnel by working both freelance and for agencies. This experience has given me the ability to position brands strategically in a competitive digital environment. Think your brand needs a boost? Reach out to me today.

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01. Discover

There’s no need to jump the gun. Deadlines are deadlines, but understanding the project in its entirety should take some time. Adequate time spent in discovery not only provides me with sufficient understanding of the clients needs and goals, but gets everyone on the same page and moving in the correct direction.

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02. Curate

Content is key. If you rush through your content, you will miss the mark. I take care when developing content, because sometimes a book is only as strong as its cover. The digital world is ADHD, with attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish (im not lying). Make sure you grab that attention with compelling content.

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03. Design

Now it’s time to execute. My design technique always has the end-user in mind, with a focus on conversions – whether that’s e-commerce, b2b, portfolio, whatever. A good designer / developer should be able to keep conversions top of mind without sacrificing UX. Bottom line, my job is results driven.

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